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  • All you need to know about UK Lotto

    The UK National Lottery and the Euromillions International jackpot are available online, especially for players who wish to play the UK lotto but for some reason or other, they are unable to go to the store to purchase a UK lotto ticket. Their website keeps you up to date with the latest news and information about the UK lotto and the Euromillions. It also provides information and current news on all UK lottery games. The UK lotto has many games available where players can win huge cash prizes and much more such as instant win games, thunderball and lotto hot picks among others. On the UK lotto website, games can be filtered by types, by theme, by top prize or highest paid, by price per play and by launch date. The UK Lotto website also displays some old favourites such as Monopoly Gold and 3D editions where one can win up to fifty thousand pounds. The UK lotto and Euromillions jackpots offer millions in winnings to any lucky player who is fortunate enough to purchase the winning ticket by matching all the lottery numbers selected for the winning draw. The UK lotto jackpot fund is usually shared equally among players when more than one of them have matched all the selected lottery numbers. The UK lotto jackpot fund generally rolls over if there are no winners making the following draw much bigger and much more enticing to players.

    The size of the UK lotto jackpot also depends on how many persons purchase lottery tickets. The UK lotto and Euromillions jackpot can sometimes reach hundreds of millions in pounds or hundreds of euro millions when they roll over for two or more consecutive weeks. The UK national and Euromillions international jackpot are tax free. The Euromillions is currently Europe's largest rolling jackpot lottery game. Its Tuesday and Friday draws are generally done in Paris. Recently, it introduced a special draw on Tuesdays givig players the chance to play for two huge jackpots with euro millions worth in prizes. Players can keep abreast of the latest UK lotto news on the UK Lottery website. They can even access this information on their mobile phones. Current news on the UK lotto include the latest results from games, jackpot draws and other plays, recent winners, current jackpots and additional information about any recent changes, new games or new rules. Winning the national UK lotto has been a long held dream of many players. Some of them play the UK lotto simply because they want to experience what it is like to be super rich. The UK lotto offers them the chance to fulfill this desire in the quickest, easiest and cheapest route, that is, by purchasing the winning ticket. The UK lotto is an exciting mix of prizes galore for lucky winners who play and win daily.

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